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Hot Days and Tired, Cranky Kids

Dehydration is a significant health issue in children, regularly resulting from the combination of:

  • Hot and dry temperatures
  • A lack of fluid intake
  • Intense physical playground activity

Common symptoms of dehydration such as, thirst and dry mouth are easily recognisable in children.

However, if your online pharmacy eu child is experiencing any of the following symptoms, these could be associated with dehydration:

  • Lack of concentration (reduced attention span and alertness)
  • Degraded mood (irritability, crankiness)
  • Fatigue, lethargy
  • Headache

If you have a hot, tired and cranky child you should consider whether dehydration could be the cause.

Dehydration and Lack of Concentration

Is your child having trouble concentrating at school?

Mild dehydration can impair your child’s attention span, memory and levels of alertness.

Mild dehydration in children, commonly caused by sweat loss or not drinking enough, can significantly impair cognitive function, including:

  • Short term and long term memory and retrieval
  • Attention span & alertness span
  • Concentration
  • Language skills (written and verbal)


Studies have found there were trends for hydrated students to perform better on verbal tasks compared to dehydrated children.

Why don’t Children Drink?

Don’t rely on your child to realise they’re thirsty – they won’t!

Children may be at risk of voluntary dehydration because they don’t respond to the early stages of thirst.

During exercise, children (compared to adults) may not recognise the need to replace lost fluids and are less likely to drink according to thirst.

With this in mind teachers and coaches should consistently remind children to consume fluid at regular intervals especially during physical activity and hot weather.

Top Tips for keeping Children Hydrated

Hydralyte’s top tips for keeping children well hydrated

  • Ensure children are offered regular access to clean fresh water
  • Children are more likely to drink when water is chilled, freeze the bottom quarter of your child’s water bottle overnight and fill before school
  • Keep children cool and in the shade as much as possible


  • Pack Hydralyte mini bottles in your child’s lunchbox
  • Pick up children from school with a few Hydralyte Ice Blocks in the car to hydrate and cool them down

Avoid giving children sugary sports drinks

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