Excessive Alcohol

Hydration Tips

TIP 1: Try and get into the habit of having a glass of water for every second drink.

TIP 2: Pack a sachet of Hydralyte in your pocket (gents) or a tube of tablets in your clutch (ladies) just as you would your keys or            lipgloss – this will be a godsend when you see it throughout the drinking session… it’s also a great way to make friends            if you have some to share!

TIP 3: Always have a supply of Hydralyte in the fridge or leave some on the kitchen bench as a reminder when you get home.

TIP 4: Hydrating with 200-400 mL of a product like Hydralyte before you go to bed, rather than when you wake up dehydrated,            will go a long way to making the next day more bearable.

Recommended Hydralyte products for Excessive Alcohol: